Defy Gravity

I had originally planned to head to the NCMLS this morning with Griff, but he still mainly enjoys the outdoor areas and it was in the low 20s this morning, so I quickly made a Plan B: Defy Gravity.

Defy Gravity is a trampoline place in Imperial Center, just down the road from the Sheraton. They have special 6-and-under bounce hours from 9-10am every weekday morning. The cost is $8/kid, parent jumps free. You can sign the required waiver online (it stays on file for a year) and pay an extra $1 fee to buy your ticket online if you like, although there’s probably no need unless there’s a holiday, school workday, etc. We had the place to ourselves from 9-9:25 or so, and when we left there were only three other groups bouncing.

It. was. awesome. They have a big bounce field, two side areas where you can play with balls, and the moon pit, where we spent at least 20 minutes. (I forgot my real camera, so I apologize for these shaky phone pics.)

The moon pit is a huge pit filled with foam blocks. There are two trampolines to bounce from into the pit. I only got to try it once because Griff kept needing my help to climb out after he jumped in; I advise going with your spouse or another mom so you can trade off watching the littles and enjoy the pit. 🙂

Preparing to leap into the moon pit

Loving the moon pit

In the moon pit

Here’s a view from the “dodgeball” area, looking out at the main jump field.

Looking out at the main jump field from a side room

And in the dodgeball area:

One of the side areas

I really can’t recommend this place highly enough. It seemed clean, the staff were friendly, and it was a fantastic workout (my legs are still sore from all the jumping). I can see us heading here once a week during the really cold parts of winter just to let Griff go crazy getting some big-muscle movement. I enjoyed it just as much as he did and since it works out to $4/person, it’s not too expensive. The location right off 40 is nice, too.

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