Paint swirls

I have been totally enamored of this DIY toadstool/fairy circle since I first saw it. We already had a large circular patch in the yard I’ve been planning to use as a flower bed filled with a variety of fun stuff (miniature sunflowers, scarlet flax, zinnias, marigolds, etc), so I decided to surround it with homemade tinfoil and plastic egg mushrooms and make a giant fairy circle.

I spent about a half hour constructing the shrooms from two sizes of plastic eggs while Griff played in the yard. The blog tutorial shows the mushrooms being painted inside and then “planted”, but the weather was great and I didn’t really see the point, so I created the shroom circle and then we painted them in situ.

Here’s what they look like unpainted. Tres blingy.

Shroom circle, unpainted

Silver shrooms

I collected a variety of cheap acrylic craft paints, squirted a selection onto a paper plate, and Griff and I went to town painting. Griff was way more into it than I expected, and it only took a half hour for us to finish painting the entire circle. In the afternoon, after they dried, we went back around with silver, gold and white paint to daub on some spots.

Shroom painting

Painting the shrooms

Painting Shrooms

Shroom painting

Finishing the shroom circle

Et voila! I can’t wait to see what it looks like with flowers in it!

Fairy circle flower bed

Shroom closeup


Here’s what it looks like via the miniature-ize filter on my camera.

Fairy circle with minaturizing effect

Here’s Griff pretending to be on a really old-school phone (he requested that I take this photo of him). We haven’t had a landline for years, so this amuses me.

Hello operator?

And here’s Griff having some fun with Daddy before dinner.

Daddy's home!!!


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