It’s funny that I’m blogging less now than I did when Griff was a baby. In a lot of ways, things are easier as Griff gets older, but in other ways, the days are fuller because there are so many more things do with a two-year-old. And infants don’t hand you a book every 10 minutes with a curt, “You read dis!” 😉

It’s been a full weekend. Mid-morning Saturday the friendly FedEx man stopped by with an Amazon Prime order of a Big Box o’ Generic Train Tracks. Griff knew exactly what to do.

New tracks!

Griff created a flowing, organic layout…

Griff tracks

…while Daddy look a more linear approach.

Daddy tracks

Eventually, with some fiddling, the tracks were joined.

Griff tracks plus Daddy tracks

And there was much rejoicing!

Lots o tracks

For layouts this big, having one of the battery operated engines really adds to the enjoyment. Hello, James, you vain little twit! But you’re lots of fun. Reportedly.

Griff helped make these cinnamon rolls for Sunday breakfast (I was too tired to make the rise-overnight kind on Saturday evening). He stirred the cinnamon sugar filling while asking to try on all of my aprons.

Mixing the filling

Mixing the filling

He chose to go apronless for rolling out the dough. This kid knows how to use a rolling pin.


Partway thought the rolling-out process he got bored and ran off to “pway Wegos”, but he returned to assist in cleaning the cream cheese icing off the beaters.

Licking the icing beater

Cinnamon rolls

We went to the park, and had lunch…

Cornwallis Rd Park

Griff and Daddy at lunch

..and mommy got lots of knitting done during naptimes. Griff’s sweater is only missing one sleeve and the button band!

Griff's scrappy sweater, 1 sleeve down

Looks like it’s going to be a good fit with a little room to grow.

Griff's scrappy sweater, 1 sleeve down

This pose cracks me up. “Hey baby, want to see a Really Useful Engine?”

Hey baby, look at my Thomas

After a year, he still loves his big container of beans, although he doesn’t fit as well as he used to. 🙂

Beano, anyone?

I even managed to finish spinning another bobbin (Shetland that I dyed). I’m alternating between spinning bobbins of black Shetland and various braids of my hand-dyed fiber in shades of blues. My plan is to ply them and knit something for me. Crazy, I know.

Shetland singles

For some reason Griff prefers to have mommy or daddy draw things for him, but at least he’s happy to embellish what we draw.

Drawing on the sidewalk

And here’s what it would look like if you were 4″ tall and hiding in the Liriope while Sean was mowing the lawn.


The End

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