Still alive

Yeah, we’re all still here, we’ve just been sick for the past three weeks and barely scraping through our daily routines. I think we’re finally all on the mend!

Despite the cold, rainy weather this weekend, there is one among us who must get his alloted time “owwwSIGH”, or there will be hell to pay. Luckily there are wool sweaters, flannel-lined jeans, hats, coats, and mittens. And parks.


Tunnel vision



Griff got to play with Daddy’s old wizard hat today. As he is way into hats these days, it was a happy day. (Note the little thistle block people on the table. Griff insisted on giving every one of them their own “hat”. Looks like a booze-up in a lampshade factory.)

The Wizard of ThistleBlocks

This face is the “Mommy, stop taking pictures and put on my shoes, wan go owwSIGH!” face.

Stop taking hat pictures, woman!

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