New Year’s Day

Griff is used to a lot of activity with other kids during the day, and plenty of outside time. Thankfully, all the local parks were open today. We took Griff to Little River Park to ride his scooter, play on the playground, and blow off some steam. He’s getting good enough at pushing himself along that we’re thinking he probably needs a helmet sooner than later, especially given his, um, steering difficulties.

New Years Scooter Ride at Little River

New Years Scooter Ride at Little River

New Years Scooter Ride at Little River

I recently cast on another knitting project for Griff, a Pembroke Vest. I’m feeling a bit iffy about this project for several reasons. 1.) The yarn (Miss Babs Yowza) is more variegated than I expected and is hiding the cables to some degree. 2.) The pattern calls for knitting the pieces flat and seaming. I hate knitting things flat and seaming. I didn’t think to try to convert the pattern, either. 3.) The cables are easy and enjoyable, but I can’t find my wing-shaped cable needle and all I have are two of the crappy J-shaped ones that I loathe using. Michael’s was out of the right kind and I’ve had no chance to get to a real knitting store to get a new one.

I’m over halfway done with the back at this point, so I’ll probably just keep plugging on. Since it’s a vest, I can finish it in April and it’ll still be wearable on cool days.

Pembroke vest for Griff, WIP

Check out these stitch markers! Mooo. These were one of my gifts from Jag. 🙂

Mooooove over, stitches

Griff had an extremely grumpy afternoon (which caused us to cancel a shopping trip to look for a bike helmet), but he did have fun with his new magnets from Nana and Grandpa. I think he had a little help from daddy. 😉

Someone getting a little help with his letters

Potato panckes are not a traditional New Years food, but since someone around here doesn’t like sauerkraut (no, not Griff), that’s what we had. I assume that our 2012 will be flat, round, greasy, and dipped in applesauce and sour cream.

Potato pancakes!

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  1. michelle says:

    I really like the way that vest is pooling! I think it actually accentuates the cable panels the way it is.

    Happy new year to you and your family!

  2. Heather says:

    Michelle, yeah, the pooling is kind of cool. I hope I can duplicate it or at least get a similar effect on the front. 🙂