Random weekend images

Sweater progress: body done, one sleeve over half done. Still chugging along.


Quilt progress: finally found time to spread out the top, batting and backing and spend an hour and a half crawling around on the floor sewing in the crochet cotton ties. The threads need to be snipped and the quilt still has yet to be tied, but at least there’s some progress here. Was planning on giving it to Griff to sleep under, but the more I look at it, it’s a little on the girly side. Luckily he’s way too young to care at this point, so maybe I’ll let him have it until he decides he hates flowers and wants a bedspread with jackhammers and grenades on it instead.


Jag and I are apparently spending most of our disposable income on adorable Griff clothes. I mean, seriously. Raccoon jammies with stripey legs. Who could resist? (Old Navy has them.)

That’s his beloved “Lamby” in his hand in the photo. Lamby is definitely his at-home “transitional object” and must be present at all naps, bedtimes, and at random times during the day. We can’t remember who gave it to him; we think it was an Easter gift, the tag says Walmart, and it was probably some random seasonal offering, so the chances of finding a replacement are slim to none. And it’s falling apart already. 🙁


We hit two parks Sunday afternoon. First Rockwood, an old favorite. It’s nice that Griff is old enough that he can play on the toddler equipment himself without mommy and daddy helping. He still needs a hand on the big kid equipment, but he does pretty well.






Sadly, we ended up abandoning the park because of the two asshats doing pitching/batting practice right across the pathway to Griff’s favorite bridge. We couldn’t let him keep going back to stomp around on the bridge like he wanted to because he was likely to get hit with a baseball, so we had to drag him away kicking and screaming.

I mean, come on, it’s a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, there are tons of people walking themselves/their dogs on the paths, what would possess you to do baseball practice right across the freaking sidewalk?

Anyway, we drove the half mile down University to Forest Hills and let Griff finish his park time down there.

Stomach first Germonimooooooo!!!!!


Whew, he survived!






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